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Some time ago a colleague of mine showed me a photo of his wife. She was very beautiful and very, very sexy indeed. It was around 42 or less and live in a beautiful house. During the call had left this man, who was concerned marrital and all they did booloo all day to stay home while he worked. He complained especially of large amounts of money on your credit card. He is very good. I got the idea that when she was almost certainly a lonely housewife, I call and say that it was an escort agency and pretend that I thought I had ordered an escort, and me. I called them and they answer the phone. He had a strong foreign accent and said 'Hi, Simon escort agency and I am the support you have requested. Do you know anything about me. ' She said she did not know where I have many and not asked an escort agency. I apologized for any inconvenience and said, how embarrassing it was, and I was sad, booloo that have been disturbed. Then I went to ask him where he came from and slowly followed a long conversation. Gradually I began to turn the conversation to what he had called me first and I finally said : ' have'nt ever had an escort agency before? ' She said, ' Of course not, I have never been unfaithful booloo to my husband. 'I thought it was now or never. I told her. 'Well, why not think about it now tell me, your husband is home now booloo and if not, when I return,' he said, 'No, not home now and not withdrawn,. Until tomorrow morning, ' I said, 'Well then, why not come to me now and let's see what will happen to think if you're not interested, then have'nt have lost everything, or'. ? . 'No,' she said, 'I guess right. ' 'Well,' I said, 'What is your address. ' booloo She gave me her address and agreed that it occurred to me immediately. That's what I was sure, and came to a not tooce home, in fact, in half an hour. This beautiful creature opened the door and I have a hard stratight away. She was well built, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, dying about 38 large breasts and a butt. She wore a tight satin dress, which only came to just over the knee. He was the ass like never before. Ahead of me and I did'nt take my eyes off of her ass. Each step on one side and then leaned back as she took a step further. It was a great movement of the cheeks, ass enormous. booloo Her legs were long and very, very well built and clung booloo to each side of the skirt. She had no stockings, and a very low-cut top that showed more or booloo less boob. She showed me the room and sat on a couch. He sat facing each booloo other. We talked for some time later, after the conversation and why he was there. I told her stories ( false) of the other women I saw and why they wanted were emailScort. I made ​​it clear to his unhappily married woman, most guys I've seen. soon began to ignore the issue of marriage and slowly began to tell me that her husband was constantly unfaithful to her, but did'nt decide to quit. 'I'm stuck,' she sobbed. At the time I went to bed and she was in my arm around her and pulled her I put her head on my shoulder with my right arm behind her back and her tits. 'No,' I said. 'Maybe you should live your own life, not to think your man After all, what is good for him, good for you and make you feel better when you're both alive. ' She sobbed much now, but nodded clutched his head and nodded his head, so I moved my right hand, rounder than before, and I could feel the bulk of booloo her right tit. Did'nt stop, so I went ahead, until it was full in her breast and began to squeeze out later. beganto breathe more than me, and I kept squeezing her tits squeezed and worked with her more and more. Then he heard sobbing and rose slowly to lift her head until she is in a position where I could kiss him. I kissed her lips softly fabulous and she opened her mouth at once, so I pushed my tongue to the neck and pushed my hand under her shirt and her bare breasts. I stroked one after another for some time with her ​​moans and moves a lot. Soon I came to my elbow on the crutch over and began to push into her pussy and then moved around and around. Soon they began to open my legs and I slid my hand under her short skirt and found her wet underwear. I was a very passionate kiss, as I slid my fingers in my pussy and started shaking it. She moaned and moved all booloo over the place and soon her beautiful body began to move violently, and she cameon booloo my hand. I wasted no time. I slid my right to use and then the pants, booloo pulled out, so he was kneeling in front of the back of the sofa. He immediately opened her skirt, pulled her thong to one side, took her pussy with my hard cock then rammed hard and very fast deep in his belly, and I picked it up very quickly, and the whole place expelled . I was so hot and I kept my cock hit her again and she came with a strong cry. I kept fucking her and took her as fast as they could go wild with her to go. That was'nt long before I felt my juices begin to flow, and soon began to lots and lots of sperm into her wet pussy wet session. I kept pumping her with sperm, what seemed an eternity. Could I was determined to fill her pussy with his cum as much as I shot. When I finished I was exhausted and fell asleep on it. When I finally asked if I could call his agaiNo, and I said I could and would.
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